About TEN

Tourism Excellence North (TEN) is the Workforce Development and Industry Training (WDIT) pillar of Destination Northern Ontario (DNO).

Tourism Excellence North initially began as a three-year pilot program in 2015, inspired in part by the success and impact of a similar program led by the Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency (ACOA) in Atlantic Canada.

Through online and in-person training, Tourism Excellence North provides tourism operators, communities, and destinations across Northern Ontario.

Tourism Excellence North is aligned to support priorities for tourism development in Northern Ontario, specifically those of Destination Northern Ontario (DNO).

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Tourism Excellence North

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Are you interested in working with Tourism Excellence North to access training, resources, and more?

You will benefit from contacting us in the following ways;

  1. Access online and in-person training for Northern Ontario tourism industry professionals.

  2. Learn any time and from anywhere by accessing many of the available resources online.

  3. Connect with a community of like-minded Northern Ontario tourism professionals and a network of industry tools and resources.

  4. Engage with one of Tourism Excellence North's professional staff members who specialize in their respective areas of expertise.

Contact a Member of the Team

Karen Peacock

Senior Coordinator, Workforce Development and Industry Training


Gillian McCullough

Online Training Coordinator


Jan Van Oordt

Workforce Development Coordinator


Naza Obasi

Workforce Development and Industry Training Intern