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Tourism Excellence North (TEN) provides tourism operators, communities, and destinations with the knowledge, connections and training they need to grow and strengthen tourism across Northern Ontario.

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Courses and resources for tourism business owners and operators

As a resort owner, every tourism tool that I’ve taken through TEN has taken me to a new level. I think it’s an opportunity that every business should take.

Pat Peterson, Owner

Bruce Bay Cottages and Lighthouse

Best for: Accommodation providers, Operators, Tourism business owners, Tourism experience providers

Courses and tools for destinations, communities, and tourism regions

We came away with some great ideas about who we could target in the community, to work together to actually get a program launched.

Kathleen McGill, Office Manager

Whitesquall Paddling Centre

Current Training Opportunities

Online and In-person

Mentorship Program

The TEN Mentorship Program provides opportunities for tourism operators and communities to receive one-to-one coaching and support from qualified tourism professionals and business advisors. This program is designed to assist you with the implementation of your goals and ideas after you complete the TEN Training program(s). By connecting you with qualified mentors, business owners can access expertise and knowledge in areas that support your business growth. Through the Mentorship Program, you will have the encouragement and accountability to remain focused on what is important to maximize your potential and grow your business.


Experience Fishing

Experience Fishing is a Northern Ontario industry-led initiative that provides participating operators with the tools and resources needed to offer a standardized, safe, and unique fishing experience at operations to non-angler visitors who are new to the experience of fishing.


Experiential Travel Tourism Micro-Credential

Created in partnership with Tourism Excellence North (TEN) and Destination Northern Ontario (DNO), the Experiential Travel Tourism micro-credential is for learners interested in the theory, practice, and design of Experiential Tourism Development within the unique Northern Ontario setting.


OPTIS/NOPTIS Micro-Credential

The Ontario Professional Tourism Industry Specialist (OPTIS) / Northern Ontario Professional Tourism Industry Specialist (NOPTIS) micro-credential programs are designed to empower existing employees by enhancing your skills within your current roles.

At TEN, our goal is to

Strengthen Northern Ontario tourism as a whole

Give tourism operators the skills they need to grow

Create connections between the community partners and destinations