Experience Fishing

2 hours plus self-directed assignments
You are able to save and continue at any point.
Experience Fishing

Experience Fishing is a Northern Ontario industry-led initiative that provides participating operators with the tools and resources needed to offer a standardized, safe, and unique fishing experience at their operations to non-angler visitors who are new to the experience of fishing.

The course includes lessons that cover a range of subjects that can help you successfully develop and market not only the Experience Fishing program but can also be applied to other areas of your business.

Each lesson includes topic presentations that you can move through at your own pace, along with interactive worksheets that you can download and complete.

To compliment this online training, Nature and Outdoor Tourism Ontario (NOTO) runs the Experience Fishing Program.  

Operators who register to the program will receive the following benefits:

  • Access to new emerging markets and new revenue streams
  • Program assistance and support through the Program Coordinator
  •  Basic fishing equipment kits for adults and children
  • Experience Fishing marketing collateral, resources and step-by-step support to
    help you implement the program effectively and attract new markets to your business
  • Training and educational resources for you and your staff through our exclusive
    interactive training program
  • Increased marketing exposure for your business through program promotion

*Completing the online training does not automatically register you for NOTO's Experience Fishing Program.  After you complete the online training through the TEN website, contact NOTO at experiencefishing@noto.net to register for the Experience Fishing Program. 

Who is this for?

  • Operators
Learning Outcomes:
  • Learn how to implement the Experience Fishing program
  • Understand how to effectively market your operation online
  • Understand the importance of cultural awareness for your tourism business
  • Learn how customer service is integral to your visitor experience
  • Learn how to develop and market experiential packages for the tourism market